Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday Night Fever 05/18/08

In this special edition of the Fever, "The Wrestling Buddies" Jack and Buck went over their top 15 list of the manliest men in the history of pro wrestling. So sit back and listen as Jack and Buck educate the world on what wrestlers should be.

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Friday Night Fever 05/16/08

GQ Money of XPW was our guest this evening. GQ went over his upcoming match with The Hardcore Homo Angel at XPW Cold Day in Hell. His memories of XPW, working with Rob Black, Kaos and the Enterprise. We also talked about his time as Fabian Kaelin in WSX. We talked about why his run in TNA was so short lived, among many other controversial topics in this nearly 2 hour interview. We wish GQ a speedy recovery in his recent calf injury.

For more information on XPW's Cold Day in Hell Saturday Night, May 24 2008 at the Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, CA please visit:

For information on WSX and XPW on DVD please visit:

Please visit GQ's official website for many cool videos and more at:

In the preshow Buck and Jack talked about TNA Impact, WWE Smackdown and RAW and we welcomed the new British co-host Basil Boothroyd to the Fever. So listen now ya bums !!!

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